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Metal dollies, racks, roll containers, wire baskets...

We are a Czech producer of metal mobile systems. We produce metal roll containers, metal stands, trailers, advertising stands, sales stands and many other articles.

  • Metal dolly

    Metal dolly

    Metal transport dollies with casters can be produced at any requested size. Range of use: Transport of parts, components. Dollies are suitable for warehouse equipment, markets and production lines.

  • Metal pallet

    Metal pallet

    Metal pallets with sideboards are suitable for storage of various products, medicals etc. Transport pallets can be manufactured at various sizes and with different load capacity. Metal pallets rank among popular warehousing systems.

  • Industrial dolly

    Industrial dolly

    Heavy duty welded dollies made of profile steel with casters are perfect for transport of plastic stack containers. They can also be used in clean businesses such as bakeries or hospitals. Industrial dollies of this type are both sturdy and compact.

  • Roll cages with shelves

    Roll cages with shelves

    Heavy duty welded wire roll cages with shelves and casters are suitable for transport of small articles, printed materials or fabrics. These industrial roll cages can be used in laundries, warehouses, archives etc. Their sizes can be modified upon the clients´ request.

  • Trailer


    Heavy duty wire trailers with shelves and casters are suitable for transport of many product types of various dimensions. They can be linked together and create a unique transport unit. Wire trailers are remarkable for their low weight and high mobility.

Use our dollies & save your costs

Metal racks, dollies and transport boxes are a very economical solution and provide a wide range of advantages:

  • Cost saving
  • Packaging saving
  • Energy saving
  • Labour saving
  • Time saving
  • Fuel saving
  • Machinery saving
  • More information

Insulated packages for temperature maintenance

As an additional product range we offer thermosafe insulated packages that can be used on EUR-pallets, dollies and special transport vehicles.

Find more information on thermosafe insulated packages here.